Board of Directors’ Duties: Tip 3 – Board Meeting Purposes

Board of Directors Duties Team SilhoutteBoard of Directors’ Duties:  Tip 3 – Board Meeting Purposes

There are four main purposes to hold board meetings: to build relationships, gather and share information, make decisions and monitor organizational progress.

First, by eating meals together or participating in recreational activities, or just by having a chance to talk with each other to learn more about their lives, relationships are built stronger so that the board members can work more effectively together for the benefit of the organization.

Second, gathering and sharing information among people with diverse backgrounds, education, experiences, and personalities can broaden everyone’s point of view so that all of the board members are better equipped to make an informed and high quality decision.

Third, making group decisions, board members are only authorized to make decisions on behalf of your organization during duly convened board meetings because it is the board as a whole that has the decision making authority.

And fourth, monitoring organizational progress, the board takes a look at the goals set for the organization and compares actual organizational progress to those goals and then can thank the senior staff person for the progress that they’ve made towards goals for the goals that are fully achieved and can also redirect the operational part of the organization for the goals that don’t look like they’re going to be achieved. I wish you the best as your board practices these four board meeting purposes on its pathway to organizational excellence.

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