Board Meeting Apathy

In recent months I have observed a variety of board meetings and I walked away from most of them wondering why groups of people with a passion for the organization spend so much time accomplishing so little. Human resources are a precious commodity yet we can be guilty of treating them carelessly. During many of these board meetings there was reference to the need for environmental stewardship but little attention to utilizing the knowledge and wisdom of people who have been chosen to lead the organization.

Yes, board members, as a group, are supposed to lead the organization. It is the board as a whole who is liable if the organization acts illegally or unethically. It is the board who hires the senior staff person who in turn is in charge of operations. The concept of boards of directors or trustees was started so that the highest level decisions in an organization would be made by a group, not by an individual. This is an extension of the maxim “two heads are better than one”. (more…)

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