Leading a Results-Oriented Team

Behind every great team there is an exceptional leader. Leaders set the tone for their followers. Leaders establish, communicate, and implement practices that focus all team members on agreed-upon outcomes. Such effective leadership guides a team to achieve outstanding results.

The leader’s attitude and behavior are both key to achieving positive results. Leaders who value the input of all team members and encourage them to focus on results will regularly experience success. Focusing on results requires holding people accountable. Let’s explore three key practices of leaders who hold their team members accountable — stating expected results, monitoring actual results, and responding appropriately to results.


Accountability is often considered the key to goal achievement. “What gets measured gets done.” “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

Accountability is a tool for achieving effective group results. Many of us have experienced frustration in team projects when our efforts weren’t appreciated or others failed to complete important elements of the job. When team members operate with different agendas, group success is greatly hampered. Three important elements of accountability are knowing where we are headed, reviewing progress along the way, and making adjustments to get back on track whenever we veer off the path.