About Cathie Liembach

Cathie LeimbachCathie Leimbach is a consultant in board governance, Myers Briggs Trainer, Table Group Trainer and part-owner of STRIVE!, a consulting/coaching/training company for board governance.

Cathie’s enthusiasm as she customizes and delivers programs to enhance business and management practices is contagious to clients.

She has been a credit advisor with Farm Credit Corporation and a financial management instructor at the University of Guelph. As the first Managing Director of a training institute providing tailored management resources, she managed operations, staff, and volunteers for the delivery of 500 programs to 10,000 clients annually and experienced the staff side of organizational leadership.

Cathie has been walking the talk of effective “direct and protect” board leadership practices for over 25 years by leading and serving on industry, community, condominium, and church boards. Her knowledge and experience give her the perspective to guide clients along the route to a healthy productive board.

Cathie has a Masters in Business and a continuous learning mindset – she is always seeking out best practices to share with clients.

Visit www.strive.com


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